Artist Statement

My work right now is speaking of the daily emotion of dealing with the darkest parts of mental, physical and sexual abuse.  My figures are isolated and alone.  I personally don’t have a family history and I do not have roots. My parents moved us around the world growing up from the Andes Mountains to many States in the US.  There is no home to call home.  I work this lostness out in my figures who portray isolation and of not belonging.  The figures' lines are defining a space that perhaps is their only certainty.  My play with lines in my cows and Llamas comes as a relief from painting such heady images with my individuals.  The landscapes are painted hauntingly and surreal.  All of my images; landscapes, animals and people are unsettled; there is no concrete connection within the picture plane.  My imagery becomes broken down to lines that blur, shapes that appear and colors that abandon.